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Need some more advice and guidance on your dream bathroom? Look no further as iflo's tips, trends and advice are right here. Delve deeper into the world of bathrooms as you pick up on styles that you can replicate in your home. 

do you really need an interior designer for a bathroom renovation?

Whether it's for inspiration, practical know-how, or simply a fresh pair of eyes on a project, we're big believers in getting expert help when it comes to bathroom design.

how brightness can impact your bathroom design

The bathroom might be one of the smallest rooms in the home; however, it certainly doesn't have to feel that way.

10 unlikely pieces of bathroom furniture that fit into small bathrooms

Size isn't everything. Many of us have small bathrooms in our homes but, with a bit of creative furnishing, we can all ensure that they are a joy to use.

Modern bathroom design: 5 ways to make your bath the centre of attention

Bathrooms are no longer just a practical necessity in the home. A well-renovated bathroom can also be a blissful domestic sanctuary.

8 most common questions for installers when putting in a bathroom suite

You've been inspired by some wonderful design ideas, and perhaps you're already putting together a picture of how you would like your new bathroom to look. Now comes the exciting part: transforming those ideas into reality.

Inside Britain's craze for bathrooms

Why luxury, stylish bathrooms are becoming a homeowners's ideal. Style over function, luxury over practicality. When looking for inspiration for your new bathroom, creating a feeling of 'luxury' and 'style' are two stand out goals we seek to achieve in our space.

How to use corners to your advantage when styling a small bathroom space

If you're working with a small bathroom space, perhaps with sloping ceilings and one or more recessed areas, you are certainly not alone. 

Bath or shower? The truth about how Brits relax in the bathroom 

The modern bathroom is increasingly viewed as a private oasis of calm and tranquility - a comfortable, reliable sanctuary where you can fully relax.

Feeling inspired? Visit your local Bathroom Showroom or Travis Perkins branch to see your favourite items in person.